ECAL / 2015
Context: Bachelor Project
Photography: Julien Chaintreau, edited by Julien Deceroi︎︎︎  

Ever thought of hanging footwear? Yet, in the context of a shoe store, the presentation of different shoes by hanging them was an unsolved challenge.
        I originally decided to create a shoetree made of steel wire. Looping the wire in specific areas to create a spring and articulate the artifact in order to be adaptable to the volume of the shoe. I eventually realised that I had been able to propose a new typology of object.

Camo OSB

ECAL / 2017
Context: Salone del Mobile Milano
Collaborators: François Ménès︎︎︎, BFH - Bern University of Applied Sciences︎︎︎

OSB panels are increasingly employed for housing. François and I felt that this yellow color could be a bit dull and uninvintng. We decided that we would give a new breath to this composite material.
        After looking into the right dye to color these particules, we reached the Berner Fachhochschule in Biel (CH). This university is specialised in research and experimentations with wood. They also own a heat press which is very rare to find outside the industry. They gratefully accepted to support our project by helping us with bonding the panels and finding the best way to dye our material.


Then, we created a pantone for these particules knowing exactly which mixture we made for each tint of color. In the end we selected several colors in order to propose panels which featured 2 to 4 different color combination. Further than conducting a simple research, we believed that creating a standard object for housing would be the best way to explain the colorful power of that material in a tri-dimensional way.

In the end, we designed a serie of 3 crates, presented at the 2017 Salone Del Mobile in Milan at the ECAL Gallery. Various wood panels were also designed to show the great potential of these color combination.


    Heat bonded & dyed wood particules into wooden panels

    Frédéric Pichelin, BFH: Berner Fachhochschule, Biel (CH)
    Swisskrono AG, (FR)

Stand Stool

ECAL / 2015
Context: Collaboration with Wetter AG.
Photography: Julien Deceroi︎︎︎

Stand stool is a formal study I engaged to explore the balance between a chair and a stool. Indeed, seating on a chair feels secure but quite static whereas a stool requires the body to be constantly active. This position can also create discomfort after a while as there is no backrest. I was looking for the correct balance between these two situations and keep the design of the backrest as low as possible.

This stool is made of bent tubular steel with two pieces welded togheter vertically. This construction allowed me to integrate a short backrest that is enough to maintain your pelvis. I also wanted the seating to be adjustable by playing with the angle of the slats, function of the user’s needs. 

The prototype has been made by Wetter AG, a steel manufacturer based in Stetten (CH).